Sunday, November 6, 2016

What We've Been Up To...

Oh, yeah…that's right.  I have a blog.  Maybe I should post every so often.  Ahem.
In all seriousness, I hope that all of you lovely readers have been enjoying a lovely fall, as we have been.   We are 2+ months back into our school year and other activities and are settling into a fairly smooth an predictable rhythm.  Unfortunately, that rhythm doesn't leave me with a lot of margin in my days…and I'm committed to writing in the margins and not at the expense of my local real-life….so forgive my silence here.  There are so many things I want to share, though…writing is my preferred mode of thinking through and processing things…and today is a rare delightfully free Saturday, so here it goes. J
A few highlights of our fall thus far:
Field Trip to the "Wee Houses" exhibit at our local botanical gardens with friends from our old co-op
Lots of park days with our friends from church (with whom we have a low-key co-op this year…)
Andrew Jackson State Park
Also a broken arm… L
And a birthday!  (11!  I'm still not sure how that happened…)
On the school front we are making steady progress on AmblesideOnline Years 1, 2, and 4.  The children are enjoying swimming lessons, learning how to play piano (the older two),  participating in our local homeschool choir program (just the girls), and weekly library visits now that we broke down and paid for a membership to the larger library system in a neighboring county.   We've also had some lovely outings, as you can see above.  Overall, I'm pleased with how our school year is going.
I was able to attend a local one-day Circe conference, which was refreshing and encouraging.  And as it was the week after my birthday, I actually won a give-away of the Treasure These Things audio collection.  So, lots of good listening....and also lots of good reading.  While I'm currently not participating in any book discussions, I have read some good books this fall.  I am on a bit of a CS Lewis kick - enjoyed his conversion memoir Surprised By Joy  - followed that with Abigail Santamaria's biography of his wife, Joy Davidman (interesting, and in some ways not particularly likeable person!) - and now Mere Christianity.   I also recently finished an Elizabeth Goudge novel - The Dean's Watch  and introduced my children to one of my childhood-very-favorites Anne of Green Gables. Most recently, I've jumped in with Brandy to read about Vittorino da Feltre and Other Humanist Educators.  Fascinating stuff, y'all....and part of the reason why I am going to attempt to squeeze some blogging in.  So many thoughts swirling in my mind...
So...that's what's up here!  What have you been doing this fall?


  1. I've been meaning to ask how your youngest's range of motion is coming along now that the cast has been removed. And I can only imagine the trauma that "11" will bring. I recently suffered through "9" and I imagine the pain will increase exponentially when we hit double digits next year.

    1. She is doing well! It is still stiff, but she is gaining more range every day. Swedish Drill has been helping, actually. :) This morning she was able to reach up and do "neck rest" properly, which she hadn't been able to up until now, so that was a big milestone. We follow up with the dr. for the last time next week.

      Yeah, that 11 still has me reeling. At least she is a fall-birthday 11, and therefore in 5th grade and not 6th, and therefore has another year before she will join the youth group at church...

    2. Oh, you know my heart is just elated to learn that, friend. Thanks for sharing! More importantly, that movement will enable her to don her tiara when necessary:).

    3. Wait a minute, I'm on the computer, not texting. Where are my emoji when I need them?! I'm blowing you a kiss. :)