Wednesday, November 30, 2016

From My Commonplace: On Conversation

"To 'converse' originally meant to live among or together, or to act together, to foster community, to commune with.  It was a large verb that implied public, cooperative, and deliberate action.  When we converse, we act together toward a common end, and we act upon one another.  Indeed, conversation is a form of activism – a political enterprise in the largest and oldest sense – a way of building and sustaining community."  (p. 89)
"His willingness to listen for correction is always a lesson in humility and grace, and even in courage. Good conversation, if it is to involve mutual teaching and learning, does require courage – not only the courage of one's convictions, but also the courage to admit one's limited range of vision and to allow for change, which always exacts some cost in comfort and the security of being 'right'." (p. 105)
"And prayer itself is a conversation.  To be in conversation with God is, like tithing, a way of returning to Him some part of the gift of words we have received from Him who is the Word.  Like the long intimate conversations of shared life among partners and friends, conversation with God keeps us turning toward, confiding in, trusting, and learning from the very source of life and language. In that intimate conversation we can be sure of receiving whatever direction and words we need for all the others." (p. 110)
~Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, Caring for Words in a Culture of Lies
I finished this gem of a book over Thanksgiving break.  So much food for thought – I will be revisiting it I'm sure, even as I continue to mull over the thoughts I recorded in my commonplace.  This was actually recommended to me by a friend from church, and it's not a Charlotte Mason or Classical Education book per se.  But there are a lot of ideas that will probably be of interest to my fellow CM or Classical educators and/or literature lovers.  Worth checking it out, in case you needed another book to add to your already immense stack.  (Ha!) 

On My Nightstand This Week:
Devotional: Luke with the Luke for Everyone Commentary (Wright)
The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven (Maurice)
The Ancient Christian Devotional: Lectionary Cycle A (Crosby and Oden)
 Theological: Mere Christianity (Lewis)
On Education: Norms and Nobility (Hicks)
                                                          Personal Choice Fiction: Hannah Coulter (Berry)
Personal Choice Nonfiction: Slowly savoring the Circe 2017 Magazine while between books. J
With my Hubby: Emma (Austen)
Family Read-Aloud Literature: At the Back of the North Wind (MacDonald)
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  1. I LOVED that book. So glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Yes, so much food for thought. It's one I will return to again and again, I think, and probably see new ideas every time.

  2. Dawn put this book on my to-read list, but I still need to get a copy!

  3. Sigh. I really didn't need to add another book to my ever-growing list. But this looks like a must-read. Maybe sometime in 2027? Sigh.