Wednesday, August 31, 2016

From My Commonplace: No Perfect Families

"Most mothers like to think there are perfect families out there.  It makes them hopeful, but what should make them hopeful is that there are no perfect families yet.  There is only redemption, offered to you and your family through Jesus Christ…
Motherhood is a high calling.  Civilization depends upon motherhood.  I do not believe you should lose yourself so thoroughly in your motherhood that that is all you are.  That is not healthy for you or for your family.  But I do think women need to know that motherhood is a high-value commodity in the market of civilization.   Mama, you are the first pillar of education.  You are a vital part of the infrastructure of culture, family, and even the body of Christ. 
This is not about having the perfect family or the perfect school.  Your success or failure doesn't rest on your perfection, just your faithfulness."  (p. 158, 160)
~Cindy Rollins, Mere Motherhood
(More to come on this book later….but if you haven't yet, please do grab a copy and give it a read.  It's not dense or heavy – actually it is a delight to read – but it will make you want to get up tomorrow continue on faithfully being the best mama you can be, with God's help.)

On My Nightstand This Week:
Devotional: 1 Thessalonians with the Paul for Everyone Commentary (NT Wright)
The Daily Office Lectionary Readings and Prayers from The Trinity Mission
 Theological: Surprised by Joy (Lewis)
AO Book Discussion Group: (Between Books)
On Education: (Between Books)
                                                          Personal Choice: Gilead (Robinson)       
Kim (Kipling) – Pre-reading for AO Year 5
Poetry: TS Eliot
With my Hubby: Emma (Austen)
Family Read-Aloud Literature: Anne of Green Gables (Montgomery)
*I am also reading Charlotte Mason's Volume 6 for a local CM book club, but these meetings are infrequent, and it is my third – or fourth? – pass through it and so I just read the brief section assigned as our meetings come up. 
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  1. This book is every bit as wonderful as the woman herself. Mere Motherhood is real and humble and transparent. Just like Cindy is in real life.

    This quote reminds me of the Chesterton quote below. In fact, it resonates with his magnificent book What's Wrong With the World? in which he contends that what is wrong with the world is the dissolution of family via the siren call to mothers to take them away from their most important work - ie raising strong men and women.

    "The business done in the home is nothing less than the shaping of the bodies and souls of humanity."