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Winter Term 2014 Morning Tea Time Plans

Our sweet friend Carolyn (my "tea friend") made us the heart shaped cookies special for our tea-time one day last week. :) 
So…perhaps it is sort of a joke to call it 'winter term', since we are in our hot-dry season here….but we are still technically north of the equator, and 'winter term' sounds better to me than 'hot and dry season term', so there you go.  (Maybe it's a little bit of wishful thinking?  Although I don't think I'd really dig all that sub-zero stuff going on in the Midwest…OK, now I'm just digressing….)
You can see some of our inspiration and rationale for our morning tea-time here.  Many people include Bible/hymns/Scripture memory as part of their group time as well, but we do those as a whole family devotional time and the beginning and end of the day.  But I have included what we are using for those subjects here anyhow.  That all said, here are the plans that I have drawn up for this term:
Daily Subjects:
Poetry Reading and Memory Work
Our poet this term (AO Year 2, Term 1) is Walter de la Mare.  We will probably also sneak in The Pied Piper of Hamelin (Browning) towards the end of the term – this is a Year 2 Free Read.
Poetry I have already selected for memory:
  • "A Child's Prayer" (M. Betham-Edwards)
  • Bottom's "Dream" Speech from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 4, Scene 1, Lines 214-225  (taken from the suggestions in Ken Ludwig's How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare) – this will be the third brief Shakespeare speech we have learned, and all three kids love to participate in this.
  • We will also be keeping our ears peeled for a poem or two of de la Mare's that we particularly like to memorize later in the term.
French or Folk Song
French songs are TBD – I'm waiting on a new resource for this that I ordered and have coming on the Slow Boat. J I'd also like to add some of the French songs that are sung at our church, but need to remember to ask if I can borrow one of the songbooks we use for a week or two.
Folk Songs – we are roughly following the AO rotation, but I think are about a term or so off schedule.  This term we are doing The Battle of Otterburn, Wade in the Water, and Down in the Valley.  Folk Songs have been another big, unexpected hit around here.
1 Weekly Subject
See Below. J
Weekly Subjects:
Day 1
Cultural Geography: Rainforest Adventure by Horace Banner – part of the Adventure series
Composer Study: We are continuing with Beethoven for another term, since our last term got kind of interrupted with the holidays (and there's a lot of ground to cover with Beethoven anyhow).  We have been slowly reading Opal Wheeler's Beethoven biography.  (We aren't really following the AO rotations for composers, although I use their suggestions for inspiration for pieces to focus on.)
Artist Study: Eduard Manet
Day 2
Little Pilgrim's Progress by Helen Taylor
Day 3
The Fairy Book by Dinah Maria Mulock
Day 4
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare by Edith Nesbit
Family Devotional Time:
Scripture Memory:
It's entirely possible we won't get through all of these this term, but we will continue through them until we've learned them all and then I'll choose new things to work on. J
Books of the Old Testament
Matthew 5:14-16
Psalm 63
2 Timothy 3:16-17
John 14:6
Catechism for Young Children:
We are currently on Question 66, and typically get through 10-15 questions in a term, depending on the length and complexity of the answers.
We've been learning hymns since Michelle (now 8) was only 4, so we have quite a few under our belts.  Rather than choose any new hymns this term, we are going to spend this term cycling back through all the hymns we've already learned, one each week.
Scripture Reading:
In the morning, we read a portion of Psalms and Proverbs.
In the evening, we are reading from Catherine Vos' A Child's Story Bible.
Sunday Reading Choices:
God's Promises and God's Providence (Michael)
John Calvin and/or John Owen (Carr)
Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime (Benge)
Amy Carmichael: The Hidden Jewel (Jackson)
Pilipinto's Happiness (Shepard)

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