Friday, February 21, 2014

Family Reading #12

It’s been far too long since I updated you on what we’re reading…
With the Littles
The new Christmas books we chose have all been big hits around here especially Tin Lizzie (James’ gift) and The Complete Brambly Hedge (Elizabeth’s gift, although all three of them choose it regularly still, almost 2 months later!)   We’ve also been enjoying Beatrix Potter again (inspired by Brambly Hedge, I reckon) and The Dear Old Briar Patch (the little kids’ current chapter book read-aloud).
Michelle’s Reading (Age 8)
She loved her Christmas book too, The Adventures of TumTum and Nutmeg.   She’s also been reading more about the Moffats, some Beverly Cleary, and The French Twins (from the Twins series by Lucy Fitch Perkins).  And now she's devouring the rest of The Borrowers series.   Oh, and Little House on the Prairie.  Again.  Always.  Repeatedly.  J
James’ Reading (Age 5.5)
James just finished reading the Treadwell Reading Literature Primer with me and is now reading through the Little Bear series.  He also recently enjoyed Richard Scarry’s Best Read-It-Yourself Book Ever!  (He was actually belly-laughing over this in the otherwise silent waiting room at the US Embassy when we went to have his passport renewed a couple weeks ago!)
Featured School Book
Now that we are about 3 weeks in, I asked Michelle what her favorite new book from Year Two was so far.   Her answer: “The Wonder Book because it is full of brave people who succeed, like Perseus.”  (Note: This is actually a free read, but we scheduled it in because I wasn’t sure I could make it work as a bedtime read-aloud.)   For the record, she has also been reading the unassigned portions of Fifty Famous Stories and Viking Tales from Year One and re-reading Just So Stories!
Bedtime Reading
We recently finished (and enjoyed) The Borrowers.  Now we have started The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, which all three children are enthusiastic about as well.
On Mama’s Nighstand
Dan and I have been re-watching the Lord of the Rings movies (we're turning them into a mini-series because we just can't sit up and watch a 3-4 hour epic all in one go!)  I've realized I've forgotten a lot of the little details, so have now picked up the books to re-read as well.  (As if I needed yet another epic with The Iliad already in progress!!)  I alternate this with Amazing Grace, Eric Metaxas’ biography of William Wilberforce.
Devotionally, I am enjoying the Tabletalk in-depth study of Romans and reading through the New Testament portion of their Bible-in-a-Year schedule.   I recently finished Kevin de Young’s The Hole in our Holiness and am now reading Carolyn Weber’s Holy is the Day.   All of these things have surprisingly dovetailed together to speak to me things I’ve needed to hear recently.
For personal study…well you already know about Desiring the Kingdom and AO Year 4.   I am also enjoying The Iliad with a group over on the AO Forum.
What are you Reading these days?


  1. My 7yos are loving the Twins books right now, and I think the Hawthorne books (which we scheduled as well for this year, just to make sure we got to them together) are everyone's favorite! Great retellings, and such a fun style.

  2. Yes, The Wonder Book is a solid favorite here. I break the stories up into a short reading each day over a week or two that we read at the end of our other school work. She begs for it everyday. :) It's always so much fun to see how your kiddos are often enjoying the same books that mine does. :) (I think we chose TumTum and Nutmeg on your recommendation, too. :))