Monday, December 23, 2013

Nature Notes for November-December

Torch Ginger

November 3: We observed a solar eclipse today!  There all white, gray, and yellow butterflies flitting around in the garden.  The mangos are dropping off the tree – but they are few and small and hard.
That huge tree behind the playground equipment is the mango tree in our front yard.  All of those lighter colored leaves are the new growth on it.
November 6: The new banana tree is growing fast now that the gardener cut down the old one that wasn’t growing.  It rained hard first thing this morning.
Investigating the leaf up close

November 8: We went over to (our mission’s administration center) and saw a palm tree with purple leaves winding around the trunk and lots of sensitive plants.
Morning glory peeping out of a bamboo thicket

November 11: We have seen lots of butterflies lately.  We had a crazy, windy thunder-and-lightning storm on Friday night (the power went out and stayed out for a long time!)
Small termite mound...look carefully, you can see some of the termites crawling around.

November 13: We saw a termite mound in the yard that had the top knocked off, so we could see the termites digging.  We have seen some morning glories – they open in the morning and close in the afternoon.  We also caught a baby mouse in the trash can.  And there was more rain!
Mango leaf up close

November 25: The mango tree is dropping its old leaves and growing lots of new ones.  There are even some blossoms on it too.  We didn’t really get any edible mangos from this brief ‘second season’.

November 26: James saw 4 morning glories growing on our bush.  Michelle heard a rooster crow.
Black-crowned waxbills in our grass.  These are the most common bird we see in our yard.

November 29: There was another wild storm last night.
Closer shot of a black-crowned waxbill

December 2: James saw 3 speckled mousebirds on a wire.  It rained only a little bit last night.
Indian Shot

December 3: It rained hard last night.  The banana tree is growing bigger.  There is a tiny banana tree next to the big one.
Not sure about this one...Michelle took the photo, and I thought it was interesting. :)

December 4: There is a bit of wind this morning – it blew down a mango.  There is a gecko in the window again.  We watched the mousebirds eat a mango right off the tree.  Elizabeth found a seed pod from an Indian shot.
Speckled mousebird eating a mango right off the tree!

December 21: It’s been unseasonably cool…but the the rains have stopped and it is very dry.
December 23: And now it's hot and dry.  Sigh.  So much for a cool Christmas (let alone a white one!!)


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  1. Beautiful! It's so interesting to read what's happening in your part of the world, Jen! (And here in Northern CA, we never have snow--it'll be in the 70s on Christmas Day. So you're not alone! ;))