Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Break Links for You!

Two weeks of co-op and swimming are finished, our Christmas tree is slated to go up when my hubby gets home from work later, and the baking bug has finally bit me.   I do have our Nature Notes slated to post on Monday, but otherwise we are going to hunker down and enjoy our Christmas break as a family.
In the meantime, though, here are a few good links for you to read and ponder at your leisure:
“It is the same with the virtue of patience. It is precisely when you are feeling frustrated, angry, and impatient that the opportunity for patience to grow rears its head. It was not until I had children that I realized what an impatient person I am, because before I had children I had no real opportunities in which to grow in patience. If we are calm and collected only when nothing is trying and testing us, then we don't truly possess the virtue of patience.”
“But see, I didn't understand what he meant by "rest." He didn't mean, "Teach your calm children in a calm manner on a calm afternoon." He didn't even mean, "teach on a full night's sleep." (Thank goodness!) He meant that we ought to enter into God's rest and then serve Him wholeheartedly- not out of anxiety, but out of love and trust.”
“When I think upon the title of this set, The Education You Wish You'd Had, I can't but help thinking that this is the type of education my daughter does have. It is broad, and it is rich, and it is full of connections.  It is the stuff that adults wish they knew. It is the stuff I wished my daughter to know.”
I haven’t read this book and I’m not likely to…too many other more interesting things on my to-read list.  That said, I found this review really interesting because each of the “7 essential skills” this author references are things that are developed naturally and well by following Charlotte Mason’s methods of education.  I love it when modern people today “discover” what CM already knew 100 years ago.
This has been a fantastic series (so far) by Mystie.  You can get to some of the other posts in the series from the little icons a the bottom of the post (under “you might also like”).  Lots of good food for thought and reflection.  (And, for what it’s worth, I’m hoping to follow along with her Desiring the Kingdom book club in the new year…stay tuned!)
“Let others feed the sausage machine and let P.N.E.U. remain with its few disciples outside the factory.  I don’t mean let it remain static, but where it moves forward let it move forward along the line of this ideal, rather than the line of standardization and tests, emphasizing always that the only education that matters is  this education of the soul, with all those mental and moral qualities which go to make up character.”
A very Merry Christmas to each of you!  I appreciate each one of you that takes a few minutes to join me in this little corner of the world.  Looking forward to chatting with you again about books, practical homeschooling, Charlotte Mason, and traditional classical education in the New Year!

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