Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday with Words: On Digesting Books Slowly

I’ve written before about how I love the way that books are utilized in a Charlotte Mason education.   This quote, from one of our reading assignments from the 20 Principles Study, goes right along the same lines:
“Having found the book which has a message for us, let us not be guilty of the folly of saying we have read it. We might as well say we have breakfasted, as if breakfasting on one day should last us for every day! The book that helps us deserves many readings, for assimilation comes by slow degrees.
Literature is full of teaching, by precept and example, concerning the management of our physical nature. I shall offer a lesson here and there by way of sample, but no doubt the reader will think of many better teachings; and that is as it should be; the way such teaching should come to us is, here a little and there a little, incidentally, from books which we read for the interest of the story, the beauty of the poem, or the grace of the writing.”
            ~Charlotte Mason in Ourselves, Book 2, page 11


  1. Hi :)
    I have had to work hard to enjoy a book by 'slow degrees'. Savouring it, thinking about it, digesting it slowly. I have always loved to read - but I have always devoured books quickly. It is quite a skill to read slowly. Love this quote.

  2. Me too. I grew up voraciously devouring too much twaddle. I find now that I've learned to savor quality books I can't hardly stand to read the other stuff anymore. I especially love the image of "breakfasting" in this quote....I think that may have been what caused me to post it!

  3. I struggle with this.

    I have trailed off the 20 Principles study because I have on the run but I hope to get back to it. It has been rich.