Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some Good Finds

A weekend bonus for you – a few of the highlights I’ve stumbled across online this week….
My kids are little, and sometimes it’s hard to “trust the process” with Charlotte Mason methods.  This was a very interesting read for me.  CM education really does prepare one for Life and not just a job.
Um…ouch.  This was a convicting, but much needed, reminder.
I love geography, and loved Nancy’s post on this topic.  (Of course, now I’m rethinking how we approach geography…)
Always good things to think about over at the CiRCE Institute.  Just a little snippet from this piece:
“I am impressed with the conviction that one of my primary goals as a father, and a teacher, is to teach my children a love of form. Our identity must not be like that of the world's--shifting, unstable, and changing. Our identity must precisely not be our own identity--it must be that of Jesus Christ.”

So, this isn’t a Charlotte Mason blog, and the term “living books” isn’t used anywhere in the article…however, I think the author hit the nail on the head in defining what a living book should be.  (This is talking about picture books, so illustrations are mentioned too, but you could apply the other criteria mentioned to any book, whether it is illustrated or not.  However I’d agree with the author is that if there ARE illustrations, they should add something to the text and not just be there for the sake of being there.)

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