Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some Good Finds

A few of the highlights of what I have been reading online….
Literature as Moral Instruction by Wendi C of the AO Advisory at Archipelago
            …or why you don’t need to have a separate  “character building” curriculum
            …thought provoking article that wrestles with how to discuss the sometimes rather heated issue of origins with our children.  Regardless of your personal stance on the issue, I hope we can agree that it’s important to consider all of the various viewpoints and discuss them with our children.  That is what Jeanne is grappling with here, and I sure appreciate reading her thoughts on the issue as I consider it as well.
            Fantastic article about teaching foreign languages Charlotte Mason style.
            Okay, so this is a good listen not a good read….I really enjoyed this podcast about the work of an inner-city classical Christian school.   We are homeschoolers, and blessed to be so, but I really wish that more children whose families are unable to homeschool for whatever reason had access to a school like this.
            This was one of the articles in the suggested reading for our study of Charlotte Mason's Principle #13.  I thought it was a great overview of what living books are and aren't.

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