Saturday, April 13, 2013

What We've Learned - March 29, 2013

Michelle, Age 7-1/2
1. We did our tree study – the mangos were bigger than last month but not ripe yet! (ETA: in the gap between writing and posting this post, we HAVE gotten our first ripe mango! Yum!)
2. We’ve been reading Dangerous Journey – Christian is going to another place.
3. Math – I learned new things like 10-2 and 10-5 and 7-3.
4. We learned how to spell words with the wor- sound.
James and Elizabeth….have been on a “break” these past two weeks since the rest of the world has been on spring break too.  We’ve been trying to streamline our days so we can get outside more.  So nothing new to report from them.  Stay tuned.
Mama, Because you should never stop learning…
1. I didn’t post this sooner since we were in meetings all of last week – 3 days of “spiritual emphasis” with a visiting pastor from the States and 2 days of business meetings.  If it is possible to be exhausted and refreshed all at the same time, that’s what I am.  I especially appreciated the spiritual emphasis days, and had a lot of takeaways from them.  The biggest one?  Probably the reminder in John 14 that Jesus promises “not to leave us as orphans” – He is always with us.
2. We recently re-watched the BBC version of Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South .  While there are a lot of themes one could explore in this film/novel the thing that really struck me this time is that the whole thing could be a commentary on how we respond to cultural change and adaptation.  Maybe it’s just because we recently went through (are still going through)a major cultural adaptation?  Have you watched or read this?  What did you think?
3. The combination of banana, papaya, and pineapple make a great smoothie (or popsicle), even if banana and papaya aren’t your favorites to begin with.
4. There is a season for everything, and just because we make certain choices for our family now doesn’t mean we can’t change them later if need be.  There’s a lot of freedom in that…

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