Monday, April 15, 2013

Nature Study Monday: Taking a few moments to really see...

Taking a few minutes to see adds a whole new dimension to hanging laundry…
On the benefits of nature study for teachers (including mama-teachers):
Out in this, God's beautiful world,there is everything waiting to heal lacerated nerves, to strengthen tired muscles, to please and content the soul that is torn to shreds with duty and care.” 
~Anna Botsford Comstock, The Handbook of Nature Study, p.3
I happened to notice all of these things as I hung the laundry the other day.   All of them in my own yard.  Told you that we had endless nature study possibilities here. =)
Next step: finding some good sources for tropical plant identification. (Anyone else know what the plant with the polka-dotted leaves or the red flower with the prickly fruit might be?   Google hasn’t helped much…but then again maybe I don’t know where to look.)


  1. yay! this is my kind of medicine!! ;)
    you know, there are books for other countries that will probably help... i've found a book on hawaii helpful actually for tropical plants, which surprised me, and i'm sure there are MANY others!! keep looking!!

    awesome pictures!

  2. Spotted plant is a Caladium.