Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What We've Learned - August, 7, 2012

A peek into our learning week...

Michelle, Age 6-1/2
1. I'm learning to write (copy) a letter in cursive. 
2. I am learning to spell words and write a whole sentence from dictation.
3. We read Aesop about the "Farmer and His Sons" - and mama wrote down what I said about it.*
4. We talked about shadows and stuff for Nature Study.

James, Age 4
1. We learned the sounds of i and j.
2. We did some math - I followed mommy's directions.  I wrote a purple square and two green triangles, and 3 orange circles.
3. I learned how to write letters - Jj and Ee and Ii.

*Bonus: Aesop Narration
Michelle wanted me to share her narration of "The Farmer and His Sons" with you all.  We've been using Aesop's Fables for narration since November and when we started I was lucky to get more than a sentence or 2 out of her.  She's come a long way!

"One day, a farmer who would not live very long called his sons to his bedside.  He said: "You must dig in the field.  There is a treasure in there."  So, no sooner had the farmer died and he was in his grave, they set to work.  They dug three or four times in field, but they didn't find any gold.  They thought it was a treasure of gold.  But they were wrong.  It was beautiful corn and they managed to find it by working in the field.  So they did find it, really they did!  The treasure of the beautiful corn."

Hope you're having a good learning week in your home!