Thursday, July 19, 2012

What We've Learned 16 July 2012

A few highlights of the past learning week in our home...

Michelle, Age 6-1/2:
1. We did cursive Z.
2. We started All About Spelling Level 2.
3. I read to Mom from More Busy Times
4. We made Very Cherry Cornbread, from my Clubhouse Jr. Magazine

Reading from More Busy Times.  Michelle has really taken off in her reading and I can hardly keep her in books!

James, Age 4:
1. We did sticks - we made a table, a chair, a tree, house, a broom, and a little design.
2. We did coloring and counting in my math book (MEP Reception Level - the activity with sticks above came from this book also. This is a great intro to math for 4-5 year olds who aren't ready for a workbook-based curriculum yet!)
3. We read Petit Ours Brun Joue Dans La Sable.  (Little Brown Bear Plays in the Sand)
Copying patterns and colors with sticks - a favorite school activity last week.
 Hope you've had a good learning week as well!

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