Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What we've Learned...26 June 2012

Okay, trying a quicker and easier way to check in with our school progress here. =)  Each week on our "Project Day", I will have the kids list out several of their accomplishments or things that interested them most in their previous week of school. =) Obviously this isn't everything we have done or worked on this week, but they are the things that made the biggest impression on them. =)  So, voila, the first edition....

What did you learn or do this week for school that was new or interesting for you?

Michelle, Age 6-1/2
1. Writing full sentences from dictation into my Spelling Book. (We finished Level 1 and started Level 2 of All About Spelling.)
2. Copying 2 whole sentences at a time of my version of the "Monkey and the Cat" into my copybook.  (She tells it to me orally, I write it down, and then she has been slowly copying it into her copybook.)
3. Doing Math Copywork.  (We are working on the +8 family.)
4. Reading and Acting out the first part of "Les Trois Petits Cochons"  (French version of "The Three Little Pigs")
Michelle's Illustration to go with her version of "The Monkey and the Cat"

Here is Michelle's narration (retelling in her own words) of the Aesop Fable "The Monkey and the Cat":
There was once a cat and a monkey who were great friends and always getting into mischief.  They were pets in the same house.  Once they were sitting by the fire and they saw some chesnuts cooking on the hearth.  The cat half-burned her paws trying to get them.  Each time the chestnut got into the monkey's reach, he gobbled it up. The cat was angry because she had no chestnuts.  The master scampered away and the cat and the monkey went away and stayed in two different houses.
James, Age 4
1. Letter E.  My favorite letter activitiy is cut and paste.
James showing off his wall of all the alphabet cut-and-pastes we have done so far. =)

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