Sunday, June 24, 2012

Daybook: The "Thought I'd Check in Since it's Been Awhile" Edition

Outside my window:: Sunny and 81.  Gorgeous.  I want to say that summer has come to France to stay, but that might just be inviting a cold and rainy day tomorrow and we just couldn't have that, now could we?

Listening to:: Michelle sitting next to me, reading over my shoulder as a type. =)  But as for everyone else, they're all asleep.  Much needed Sunday afternoon naps all around.

Giving thanks for:: Warm sunny weather.  Funny things my kids say to make me smile on those days that I need to lighten up a little bit.  A husband who helps around the house.  Friends and French and in English.

Pondering:: Today our French church had a baptism.   This wasn't something tacked on to the end of a service, it was the service.  We started with singing, the lady who was being baptized shared her testimony, then we all drove up to the lake together where the baptism took place, and then returned to church to share a potluck supper together.  It was a full-on party.   And well it should be - when someone decides to testify publically to the work of salvation that Christ has done in their life and declare they want to follow Him with their whole hearts, there should be celebration.  I know for me, having been raised in the church, it is so easy to to take for granted the wonderful gift of salvation.  The baptism this morning was the latest in a string of reminders lately that He has brought me from darkness and death into New Life as well.  Thank you, Jesus.

Living the Educational Life:: School with the kids is plugging along well, as is my continuing appreciation for the methods laid out by Charlotte Mason, but you can read more about what we have been doing here and here and here

 Language school is plugging along well also.  I made it into Group 5 this month, which is the highest level class at our school right now.   I still have a long way to go, but I am making progress and feeling more comfortable interacting in French every day. I have also been able to get involved in a small-group tutoring session that meets each week and has been helpful as well....and there are a few other opportunities on the horizon, although we'll see how they all pan out.

Preparing in Kitchen:: So, last time I posted a daybook, I talked about the lunch menu that I had developed in response to the fact that lunch was just not working around here because my kids eat too much and we never had enough leftovers anymore  (and sandwiches are expensive - at least here - and boring.)  Okay, the ultimate irony of this?  Ever since I developed the plan, we've HAD ENOUGH LEFTOVERS TO EAT FOR LUNCH CONSISTENTLY.  Go figure.  That said, it has been nice to have a fall-back reference for the couple of times we've not had something available to eat.  So, I guess we'll keep it folks.

Following these links::  Very interesting article about language learning here from Multilingual Living.   Some good thoughts on Bible and devotions and whether or not to tackle them as 'school subjects' here from A Peaceful Day. I can often relate to the thoughts on transition that Renee shares over at FIMBY, and these posts on The New Normal is Flux and Grounding Practices were no exception.

Finding Rhythm:: Somedays it's as elusive as ever...but I have found a school rhythm that seems to be working for us.  Rather than scheduling a whole week off at a time, we're just taking days off here and there as we need them, based on what else is going on.  I keep track on a calendar how many days we've done to help avoid the temptation to take days off just because I've feeling lazy and not for any other good reason.  I have also scheduled in a 'project' day.  Each time we've finished a 'week' (meaning a  5 day cycle through all of our subjects), we take a day to do things like nature study, art, a 'field trip' or what have you - the stuff that tends to get left behind.   Michelle is also doing more and more independent work, so she has a checklist now of things that she can do on her own.  It has been so very helpful to have this laid out, rather than constantly having to tell her to do this or that.  We've been doing this for almost a month now and I'm really liking the flexibility.   I keep thinking I'm going to post on our schedule/routine, but it keeps changing on me.  Maybe someday I will...

Kiddos this week::
- Michelle at the church potluck today: "Mom, what is the [French] verb that means 'to drink' again?"   Not sure how she knew what a verb was....  
- James, last night as I tucked him in: "Mama, I want to give you a kiss!"  Immediately after said kiss: "OK, you can go away now."  Well then...
- Elizabeth apparently can count to 10, although she usually skips 8.  Always says 'merci' instead of thank you.  And has...drumroll please...made the transition to a big girl bed!

Praying::  For daily wisdom and strength as a Christian, wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and student.  That I would daily recognize my need to depend fully on Christ.  For continued progress in the French languge.

Planning the Week Ahead::  Besides all the normal stuff....Tuesday evening I am hosting some ladies for the first part of the All-Day Charlotte Mason Video seminar, Thursday evening headed to a friend's house for some time of ladies fellowship and to listen to the second part of a parenting seminar, and Friday evening hosting a meeting for all the aviation team heading to Africa with our organization next year.   Yup, this is why I'm an irregular blogger, folks.... 

Capturing a Moment::

All photos in this post: Family outing to see the Rose Gardens at one of the local parks.

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