Saturday, January 7, 2012

Daybook: The 'My-House-Is-Full-of-Boxes' Edition

:: outside my window's dark because it is already evening.  Finally had a cold snap this week (it was 15 F one morning this week!), but back up to 65 today.

:: listening to in the bath.  Funny, that often seems to be the time of day I get a moment to blog...

:: giving thanks for Kindle.  I love how many books I have in one compact place that I can take anywhere with me without taking up any luggage space!

:: pondering... I've been reading Joshua in my quiet time, and have noticed that everytime God sends them off to conquer some new people group He reminds them to be strong and courageous because He is with them.   Very timely and appropriate for us as we head off to something new in a couple of weeks.

:: living the educational life ...We're doing a bit of light school and it went well this past week.  (You can see that post here.)  I want to get our new timeline together to start using this week.  We shall see. 

:: preparing in the kitchen .... Looking for new crockpot recipes.  I am planning to buy a crockpot as soon as we get to France because I think it will be key to our survival, especially on the days when I am the one gone at langauge school all afternoon.  Anyone have a favorite recipe to share?

:: creating by hand ... The kids are really into making "books" right now...if that counts.  Not a lot of creative craftiness going on around here these days...

:: following these links ...Seems like everywhere I read online these days people are talking about their goals and intentions for the year.   A few inspiring examples were here, here, and here.  I have a few ideas of things I would like to work on this coming year swirling around in my head, but need to find some time to get them down in writing.  I don't do well with ideas just swirling around in my head...

:: turning pages ...  We got magazines in the mail this week: World and Homeschooling Today.  I love getting magazines in the mail.

:: finding rhythm ... This week was a little better than last, but it still needs some work.  And probably needs to start with me spending a little less time on the computer....

:: keeping house ... We've culled the ginormous list of Shipment Stuff down to less than 20 items still needed.  Today I bought a whole bunch of kitchen stuff at Target.  Made me wonder what the checker-lady must have been thinking!

:: kiddos this week ... Michelle and James spent a significant portion of the afternoon playing with the pile of plastic Target bags.  Most notable: sleeping bags out of the extra large ones and swimsuits out of the standard size ones.  Who needs toys when you've got plastic bags?!

:: praying ... For grace and patience and strength as we face many transitions in the weeks ahead.

:: planning the week ahead ...  Finish buying/ordering the last few items on the list, so we can pack the shipment stuff and send it over to the shipping office.  Writing: emails, Annual Report, thank you notes.  Find some time to get my goals for the year out on a piece of paper.   Intentionally connect with each child everyday.  French Study everyday.  I'd like to try and finish Rosetta Stone Level 2 before we start our official classes next month.

:: capturing a few moments ...I was serious when I said that my house is full of boxes...
...I promise we won't send Elizabeth to Africa in the slow boat. =)

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