Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yes, I have taken the plunge and started a blog.  Why?  I intend for it to mainly be a chronicle of what we are doing in our homeschool.   I realized that with all the moving around that we do, keeping a whole notebook-type portfolio for each child for each year of school really wasn't all that practical.  It made much more sense to do something digitally.   And I figured that if I did it in the format of a blog then it would be easier to share what we are doing with others.  Maybe you are some of our far away family or friends and you'd like to follow what we're doing on the homefront (the stuff that doesn't usually get much space in our ministry updates).  Or maybe you are another homeschool mama who likes to see what other homeschooling families are doing (like me!).  And I also figured it might help hold me a little more accountable both to keep better records and to follow through on the goals that I've made.  (For example, all this past year I have told myself that I want to be more consistent with nature study.  But have we been?  Not as much as I'd like.   But if I've told all of you that I want to be more consistent with nature study, I'd hate to let you down, ya know?)  

All that said, this is what you can expect to see in this space:
- Regular updates on what we are doing in our home and school
- Occasional posts with more information about our philosophy of education, how we tackle certain subjects, resources we love, or other more in-depth education related topics.
- Possibly some book reviews or links to other articles...if I come across a really good read that relates to home and/or school.

What you're not so likely to see in this space:
- Ministry updates
- In depth spiritual reflections
- Recipes, Crafts, Free Printables, and such like

This list is as much for me as it is for you!  I know myself and I know I can let my ideas get out of control.  While I am excited to share a bit of our lives with you, I don't want to spend so much time maintaining this blog that I start to neglect the needs of my sweet family.  As you will find, we keep our homeschool simple, and so as a reflection of that, I intend to keep this blog simple.

So, welcome!   We're glad to have you with us on our journey.

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