Saturday, December 24, 2011

Daybook: Christmas Eve Edition

December 24th, 2011

:: outside my window....
Cool, grey overcast skies.  But not cold.  So much for having a White Christmas while not in the tropics this year!
:: listening to ... Grandpa reading books to the kids.  Grandma playing games and doing puzzles with the kids.  Happy noise.
:: giving thanks for ... Time with family.
:: living the educational life ... We are off school this week.  But Michelle keeps asking to do her cursive book!  And I am working on getting together the last of what we will need to get going again after we move in January.   We've recieved ever so many boxes from Amazon this week.  New school books are just about as good as Christmas for me.
:: preparing in the kitchen ....  Still trying to decide what kind of egg casserole to make for breakfast in the morning.  And wondering if it was a good idea to try a new cake recipe for Christmas dessert with company!
:: creating by hand ... Does adding bows and ribbons to Christmas packages count? 
:: following these links ... I am appreciating other people's thoughts about transition as we look ahead to some transitions of our own in the new year...especially this and this.
:: turning pages ...  Just finished reading The Happy Orpheline by Natalie Savage Carlson.  One of the books we are planning to use for school next year.  Too cute.
:: finding rhythm ... We used this advent candle this year instead of our normal advent wreath (too much moving around this year!)  But it't s been fun to watch how excited Michelle has gotten as the candle has burned down lower and lower and there have been fewer and fewer days left until Christmas.
:: keeping house ... Enjoying the fact that I have a husband who is more than willing to be helpful....
:: finding joy in ... Watching the kids enjoy time with their grandparents.
:: praying ... For grace and patience and strength as we face many transitions in the new year.
:: planning the week ahead ...  Christmas week!  A couple of days here at home, and a couple of days with the rest of Dan's family up in Virginia.   And then we get to the final big push leading up to our big move....
:: capturing a few moments ... Outtakes from trying to get a good Christmas picture of the kids...

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