Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What We've Been Up To...

Out and About:
Oh merciful heavens…where do I even begin?! March was such an intense month for us.  Early in the month, we spent a long-weekend in Florida at my parents' house.  It was really a work-related trip as the main reason we went down there was for my husband to speak in a church that supports our ministry.  But there was a bit of "vacation" in there too.  A date night (Thai food!  I hadn't had it since we were in France.  So good.), a morning at the beach, frozen yogurt, strawberry picking at a hydroponic farm, and an afternoon all to myself at Starbucks to write.  I didn't realize then what a gift that little breather would be.  The second half of March involved Elizabeth's sixth birthday and party (really just a glorified playdate involving cupcakes), signing on our new house, preparing to move and moving into our new house, our 12th anniversary, Holy Week and Easter, Michelle's baptism on Easter Sunday morning and….the flu.  Moving slowly through each of us one at a time.  I don't recommend combining the flu with any of the above, let alone all of the above. Whew.
Enjoying the beach in Florida

Our Birthday Girl

Easter Sunday morning breakfast

In the Schoolroom:
We are continuing our way through Term 1 of Ambleside Online Years 2 and 4.  We have about 2.5 weeks to go to the end of the term.  Our pace has slowed a bit due to traveling, moving, various celebrations, illness (see above) and the call of the gorgeous spring weather.  Field trips and nature study days count as 'school' too. J
I did it!  I finally made a little hand-stitched booklet like I told you I would last time.  It is now Elizabeth's copywork book.  She's very pleased with it.  I used this tutorial.
In the Kitchen:
Michelle is still handling Saturday evening dinners (at least when we're home!)  And me…I'm keeping it simple.  See above about traveling, moving, various celebrations, illness, and the call of the gorgeous spring weather.
The only reason we had Easter eggs this year was because Michelle is capable enough in the kitchen to have managed the operation herself, with my instructions from the couch.  This was when it was my turn to have the flu.
Around the House:
So, yeah.  We bought a house.  And moved.  This was something that wasn't even on our radar at the start of this year.  We weren't looking and didn't think we could afford it right now, but the Lord opened the doors and dropped this beautiful move-in-ready house in an ideal location into our laps.  I have spent my entire adult life globetrotting and living in one furnished rental after another.  To set down roots…this is huge for us.  God is so very good. 
James' new favorite thing to do is assemble Ikea furniture. :)  Surely that counts as school too, right?!

What have you been up to, friends?

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