Monday, August 10, 2015

Reflections on Relationship: Enriching Relationships with Mankind

This is the fourth part of my planning series, Reflections on Relationship.  You can read the other parts here:
Today, we are going to consider how to enrich our relationship with Mankind.  Charlotte Mason's curriculum recommendations are centered around three areas of knowledge – knowledge of God, knowledge of man, and knowledge of the universe.  Specifically, knowledge of man encompasses the topics of history, literature, morals and economics, composition, languages, and art (see more on this in Charlotte Mason's Sixth Volume, Towards a Philosophy of Education.)
It is much simpler to work out how to enrich relationships with mankind in practice than the previous two areas because the Ambleside Online curriculum was designed with this purpose in mind.  So it's really as simple as saying we will continue on with that.   For the most part, we use the Ambleside book selections as scheduled, although I occasionally make a substitution.  Michelle will complete Year 3 and begin Year 4 in early 2016, James will complete Year 1 and begin Year 2, and Elizabeth will have her own special pile of storybooks to read with Mama (she will not turn 6 until next March, and will begin Year 1 at the next natural term break after that.)
We will also be participating in a co-op this year which will also foster these relationships in the context of a community.
How are you planning to enrich relationships with Mankind this year?

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