Monday, December 1, 2014

Family Reading #16

Yes, that would be all three of my children reading while waiting for a wedding to start.  Cameroonian weddings involve all the guests having outfits made from fabric chosen by the bride and groom, in case you are wondering about the matching outfits. :)  They also involve a fair amount of sitting around and waiting for the next thing to happen, so I'm glad I thought to have each of them bring a book.  Apparently this is kind of a strange thing for children to do, though, as I had one person comment that it was so nice to see children reading rather than playing with electronics, and someone else (an adult) comment to my 9 year old that he had never read a book that thick.  Who knew we were so radical?
It has been officially far-too-long since I did a reading post.  So, here it goes. J
With the Littles (James Age 6 and Elizabeth Age 4.5)
The consistent favorite picture book choices lately have included Shirley Hughes' Alfie books and the Brambly Hedge series by Jill Barklem.  After lunch, I have been reading the two littler ones the Little House on the Prairie series – currently working on Farmer Boy.  (My Big Girl often comes and listens in too – I don't think one can ever get tired of the Little House books.)
Michelle's Reading (Age 9)
I can't keep up with this girl's reading anymore.  She's read LOTS.  But a recent favorite was Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  She's read it about 5 times in the last 2 months, and she even prompted me to go read it again since she wanted to talk about it with me and I couldn't remember much more than the very basic outline of the plot from my childhood reading of it. J  She's also been enjoying the Noel Streatfield Shoes books – Ballet Shoes, Theatre Shoes, and Dancing Shoes are the ones that we have.  She is particularly delighted by the references to Shakespeare in these books – thank you AO!
James' Reading (Age 6)
We continue to buddy read each day from the Thornton Burgess books – currently just about finished with The Adventures of Johnny Chuck.  He's also enjoyed reading from our Thomas the Tank Engine treasury (these are the original stories, not the based-on-the-cartoon ones).  He dips in and out of lots of other books too…I think I need to start challenging him to read through some chapter books on his own rather than just dipping.
Featured School Book
Michelle has about 2 days left to finish Ambleside Online Year 2!  Her favorite book this term has been Howard Pyle's The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood.  While she's enjoyed the adventure aspect of the story, her narrations (oral, drawn, and written) have also paid a great deal of attention to the clothing and fashion of the people concerned, which has made me smile.  It's kind of funny, but at the same time I see her making connections not only with the text and the illustrations in the text, but also ideas that she has gathered about medieval dress and medieval lifestyle from other books.   Making connections? Check.  Really living in the time period?  Check.   (Have I mentioned how much I love AO?!)
Bedtime Reading
We just finished Along Came a Dog, a Year 2 free reading choice.  This was a surprise favorite for my crew.  It's a fairly simple story about a little red hen who loses her toes when her feet freeze (so she trots about on her 'knucklebones') and the big, black stray dog that protects her.   I've caught James and Elizabeth pretend-playing that they are the little red hen and the black dog several times in the past few days, and all three children came dashing into the kitchen when I was preparing the Thanksgiving chicken last week to see the feet (whole chickens are always sold with the feet here) so I could show them which part exactly were the knucklebones.  Who'd-a-thunk?
Next up is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  Their first trip to Narnia.  I'm almost giddy with excitement.  'Nuff said.
On Mama's Nightstand
Too much as usual. J  I won't even try to list everything out, although feel free to take a peep at the sidebar if you want the full scoop J.  A lot them are books that I am reading with discussion groups that are winding down for the holidays and will resume in the New Year anyhow.  I do have three that are in process that I'm hoping to finish by the end of the year, namely: The Universe Next Door (a "worldview catalog" – I read this in college for the first time, and was inspired to revisit it by a recent discussion on the nature and importance of worldviews over on the Forum), Introducing Covenant Theology (about the significance of covenants in Scripture, and taking the theme of covenants as an organizing principle for theology – interesting so far), and The Odyssey (which has been far more readable than The Iliad – I'm about ¾ through and can't wait to see how it turns out.)
What have you been reading lately?


  1. We are reading the Little House books as our bedtime story lately, and my boys are loving them more than any other.
    Your "chicken sold with feet" story reminded me of a trip to Mozambique in my early twenties. Our hospitable hosts served us chicken soup. Thankfully it was the very adventurous girl next to me who received one of the feet in her soup. :)

    1. I think it's not possible to get tired of the Little House books. One of my great delights of mothering and homeschooling are sharing all of these book "friends" of my own childhood with my children.

      Chicken feet are kind of a delicacy here too...thankfully I've never been served any in a situation where politeness would require trying to eat them. I do save them and cook them in my broth though - I read somewhere they have lots of good nutrients to lend to broth and then they don't totally go to waste. :)

  2. I too have been saving Narnia until my two oldest are in Year 4--which is next year! I think we will do a read-through of the whole series together this summer, and then they can dip in (as I'm sure they will want to do) to the various books throughout the year. Right now I'm debating about whether to do Branagh's version on audio or read it aloud myself. Both options sound delightful...

    1. I figured we aren't QUITE to Y4 yet because we came to AO late, but she IS 9 and technically could be if we had started AO at the beginning, so it's time. :) They are loving it so far...I've already had to take the box with the other six books in it and put it away in my closet because they were trying to get into it and read ahead (even the 4yo who can't read yet, LOL.) We're going to read through them aloud, and then I will put them on the shelf for them to dip in and out of at will. We might revisit in a good audio version next year too since we'll be doing quite a bit of road travel to visit family, etc, while in the States next year.