Thursday, October 30, 2014

Food for the Soul

A few quotes that I culled from the school reading I did with Michelle (age 9/grade 3/nearing the end of AO Year 2) this past week:
" 'This is not a nice part of our pilgrimage,' sighed Mercy. 'I don't like it so well as staying at the Wicket Gate, or with the Interpreter, or at the Palace Beautiful.'  'Ah,' said Matthew, 'but think how much worse it would be to live here always, as we might have to do if we served the Wicked Prince!  Perhaps the King wishes us to pass through this dreadful place so that we may learn to care more about being with Him in the Celestial City.'"
~Helen Taylor, Little Pilgrim's Progress
"…God makes the very wilderness to burst forth and blossom like a rose: that there are no outcast ends of the earth, uncared for by Him; no desolate corners where His goodness is not shown forth."
"I have taught you something of God's doing in the natural world, which has given you comfort and hope.  What then, you believe of His works, believe also of His mercies.  If you cannot find a limit to one, suspect and hope that the other, too, may be infinite – far beyond our comprehension."
~Mrs. Gatty, "Red Snow, Parables from Nature  (Read the whole thing here if you have a few moments – beautiful!)
"A good death is better than a bad life."
"Remember, Christ suffered for the sake of His chosen.  If my death can glorify His name, than may He give me grace to endure with good courage whatever evil may befall me.  May the Lord watch over you and bring you into eternal peace and glory."
~John Huss in Trial and Triumph by Richard Hannula
I've waxed eloquent before about all the reasons that I love using Ambleside Online as the basis for our curriculum.  Today, I am grateful for these little nuggets that have spoken to me out of the books that I have read with my elementary-aged daughter.   Not only did we check off the boxes for all our required subjects this week, our souls were fed as well.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your nuggets, Jen. We, too, often find gems in our AO readers. I should be more diligent about recording them in my commonplace book. :)