Thursday, July 31, 2014

From My Commonplace: On His Sustaining Grace

A few thoughts that have encouraged me the midst of some recent discouragements I have been facing:
"Martin Luther said 'Although it hurts us when he takes his own from us, his good will should be a greater comfort to us than all his gifts, for God is immeasurably better than all his gifts.'  That is a very gutsy thing to say.  That's gutsy because one must be certain of two things.  First, one must have faith that no hurt can be so painful that God is not able to comfort the hurting one.  Second, one must have faith that no gift from God could ever be greater than the gift of Himself.  That's a gutsy thing to say and an even gutsier thing to try and live.  And the gutsier thing to do is to pray on a daily basis that God would show you how it is true."
"Every time God acts, He acts in righteousness and grace.  The God who is immeasurably better than all his gifts and the standard of perfect righteousness could never answer a prayer request for grace by giving you a gift less than Himself.  He's a good Father who doesn't give His children rocks and snakes, but bread to sustain their lives and make them glad."
"I too easily forget that God is the one who quiets my soul.  When my soul is quieted within me, it doesn't matter how much noise is going on around me. I too easily forget that God is my peace.   When God is my peace, then rockets could be going off around my house, my husband's health could drastically decline, and I could lack a single moment alone, and still be at peace."
"God in His grace doesn't always rescue us from difficult or painful circumstances.  God is about his business of redeeming us while we are in the midst of this broken world."
"…the steadfast love of the Lord is better than life."
"When God mercifully strips us of our idols, he has in mind to give us something better instead – himself."
"…He is what is best for us no matter what our circumstances are."
~Gloria Furman, Glimpses of Grace, Chapter 9

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