Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Reading #14

A little peek into what we've been reading at our house lately...

With the Littles
I started reading A Bear Called Paddington with the little ones after lunch…I love Paddington Bear.  Happy sigh. J   I've also been reading lots of Brer Rabbit and Friends (AKA "Brer Rabbit and BRER Friends"), Brambly Hedge, and Tin Lizzie.  We also recently rearranged our bookshelf and have rediscovered the Obadiah series by Brinton Turkle.
Michelle's Reading (Age 8.5)
Michelle has been enjoying Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.  I think this is a free read for a later AO Year, however when she brought home a dreadfully abridged 'children's' version from the library after a 'library class' during co-op, I had to replace it with something.  (Don't ask me how I feel about abridged children's versions…)
James' Reading (Age 5.5)
Together, we've been reading through the Treadwell Reading Literature First Reader – filled with folk tales and simple children's poetry.  We really enjoy this reader series.  I've also caught him reading the instruction manual to his Papa's remote-controlled model airplane, the Tower Hobbies catalog, and other random books on the shelf that he doesn't want me to know that he knows how to read….
Featured School Book
One of the more challenging titles in AO Year 2 is The Little Duke, a historical fiction story based on the life of Duke Richard, the boy duke, who I believe was the grandfather of William the Conqueror.  Rich in historical details about life in medieval France as well as a compelling story with themes of revenge and forgiveness.  We're both enjoying it.
Bedtime Reading
We finally finished The Five Little Peppers - it was a sweet story, but did seem to drag on for a rather long time.  We were ready to move on when the time came.  After that we read through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – I had forgotten how funny this childhood favorite of mine was.   It was well-loved by all, and fairly quick read as well.  We've now started Brighty of the Grand Canyon.  Your gratuitous bonus photos today are our family's visit to the Grand Canyon in 2011.  My kids were SO little weren't they?
Since you can't see Miss Elizabeth hiding on my back in the family photo up there. :)  We ended up having a picnic in the car because it started to rain.  She was 16 months old, I think.
Oh, did you actually want to see the Grand Canyon, and not just my kids?! ;)
On Mama's Nightstand
Too much again, but what else is new. J Over the past month I have been finishing up some books and starting others.   I am reading and blogging through Charlotte Mason's third volume School Education.  The AO Forum ladies have recently started discussions on Three Men in a Boat (we needed something lighthearted for a change of pace after The Iliad!) and Mortimer Adler's How to Read a Book.  Inspired by Brandy and our concluding discussion of The Iliad, I picked up the fascinating When Athens Met Jerusalem, a survey of how the Greek tradition profoundly affected the world into which Christianity was born.  Alongside I'm reading The Story of the Greeks, used in AO Year 6, since my middle school ancient history course is now a little foggy in my memory.   My husband and I are still slowly reading through The Lord of the Rings in the evenings too.  And that doesn't count my devotional reading…
I told you it was too much.   But it's all so fascinating…I'm not sure what I'd put down if I had to choose something to put down!
Have you read anything interesting lately?  I'd love to hear about it…


  1. Love the recommendations here. Your comment on the Treadwell readers got me thinking--I never really used "readers" with my older two since they were so very quick to learn to read, but I think my currently-learning-to-read daughter would probably love Treadwell. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Yes, they are lovely readers. My current 5yo was a more natural reader than my oldest and this particular volume has been a little on the easy side for him....but it's been really good for helping him to slow down, read clearly, and read with expression. We've been reading through a little section of Christina Rosetti poems over the past week and he has absolutely loved it.