Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday Commonplace: A Bit of Poetry

I was not a poetry enthusiast growing up.  At all.  (Other than Shel Silverstein.)  The poetry notebook my seventh grade English teacher assigned sealed that deal.  But being the dutiful CM mother that I am, I started reading my children a poem a day as part of our school time.  The result: they love poetry, and it's growing on me too.   Here are a couple of our recent favorites, chosen from our studies in Ambleside Online Year 2 (Michelle) and Year 4 (Me).  Enjoy!
The Bees’ Song
by Walter de la Mare
(Kids’ Choice J)
Thousandz of thornz there be
On the Rozez where gozez
The Zebra of Zee:
Sleek, striped, and hairy,
The steed of the Fairy
Princess of Zee.
Heavy with blossomz be
The Rozez that growzez
In the thickets of Zee.
Where grazez the Zebra,
Marked Abracadeebra,
Of the Princess of Zee.
And he nozez that poziez
Of the Rozez that grozez
So luvez’m and free,
With an eye, dark and wary,
In search of a Fairy,
Whose Rozez he knowzez
Were not honeyed for he,
But to breathe a sweet incense
To solace the Princess
Of far-away Zee.
by Emily Dickinson
(Mom’s Choice)
The cricket sang,
And set the sun,
And workmen finished, one by one,
Their seam the day upon.
The low grass loaded with the dew,
The twilight stood as strangers do
With hat in hand, polite and new
To stay as if, or go.
A vastness, as a neighbor came,
A wisdom without face or name,
A peace, as hemispheres at home,
And so the night became.

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