Saturday, March 22, 2014

Family Reading #13

Some highlights of what we’ve been reading lately….
With the Littles
In the past week we both received our long-lost sea freight shipment (read: Christmas in March) AND Miss Elizabeth celebrated her fourth birthday.  All of that = a very nice stack of new picture books in our household.   Some of the highlights: Miss Rumphius, The Adventure of Brer Rabbit and Friends, The Story of Little Babaji, and Tikki Tikki Tembo.   (I think we may possibly own all of the books on the AO Year 0 Booklist now.)
Michelle’s Reading (Age 8.5)
I asked Michelle what her favorite books she has read for free-reading recently were and she said Happy Times in Noisy Village because it is funny and Ellen Tebbits because it is a good story about girls.  J  (I admit that Ellen Tebbits were always my favorite Beverly Cleary character growing up as well.)
James’ Reading (Age 5.5)
We have been enjoying the Henry and Mudge series by Cynthia Rylant.
Featured School Book
We are thoroughly enjoying Ambleside Online Year 2.   One book we’ve particularly taken to is Seabird, one of our geography selections.  This story tells of a multi-generational journey around the world alongside a history of various means of navigation.   Michelle likes it best when we are scheduled to read two chapters rather than just one. J   We also enjoy this book because the main character shares a name with one of our family members, and my husband’s family has a history in shipbuilding and sea-faring.  Real-life connections are always fun.
Bedtime Reading
We are continuing to enjoy The Five Little Peppers and How they Grew – very sweet story.
On Mama’s Nightstand
I finally received my copy of Laurie Bestvater’s The Living Page.  It is every bit as good as everyone says.  J  That pretty much hijacked all of my other reading over the past week or so.   Now that I’ve read the whole thing fairly quickly from cover to cover, I’m looking forward to reading back through it slowly, savoring, taking notes, and considering how to implement its ideas into our homeschool.   Stay tuned – I’m sure I will be sharing more thoughts on it soon.    
Gratuitous Bonus: my new custom-designed bookshelf for the school corner. :)
What have you been reading lately?


  1. I'm actually writing up a post right now on some connections we made recently to Seabird--we have liked it better than either Tree in the Trail or Paddle to the Sea so far!

  2. I always like to see what James is reading, since he's a bit ahead of my 5.5-year-old. We can always use good ideas for books for practicing reading.