Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nature Study Monday: Mango Season is Upon Us

Here, I told you that we were planning to keep an eye on the mango tree in our front yard.   I wanted to come back and update you: mango season is now upon us!   We spent some time last week journaling about mangos….
By Elizabeth, Age 3

 Mango season has finally arrived.  Mangos are falling from the tree left and right. (Too bad that the gardeners and birds get to them before we do much of the time!  Thankfully they are also cheap and abundant in the local markets right now.)
By James, Age Almost 5
We found this mango in the grass in our yard.
By Michelle, Age 7-1/2

 We think that a bird probably got to this one, since it was much too large of a chunk eaten out of it to have been just insects.  (We’ve seen lots of brown birds yet-to-be-identified in this tree, and have seen them munching on the mangos before.)
By Mama, Age Undisclosed!

 Now it is covered with all kinds of insects: flies, large and small ants, even a bee.  And now a horsefly!  Fascinating to watch so many different creatures attracted to this one fallen mango.
The model we were sketching from


  1. i love mango season!!! we buy a whole bunch, dice them up and eat them frozen... SOOOOO yummy! we too have a tree on our property, but it's still too young to bear fruit... i'm hoping for next season!!

    thanks for sharing!!


  2. I like that you were noting which bugs were attracted to the mango. :) I'm just beginning nature study with my daughter so I'm taking notes from others' nature studies as much as I can!

  3. How lucky you are to have fresh mangoes so close by. I'm jealous. I love mangoes, and I also love the color of them. The photo with the insects is reminding me of my childhood chore of picking up apples that dropped in our front yard. (I didn't like that chore, but I liked the fresh apples from the tree.)