Monday, March 11, 2013

What We've Learned - March 5, 2013

Now that we’ve been back-to-homeschool for 2 weeks, it’s time to get back into the swing of sharing some of what we’ve learned…
Michelle (Age 7)
  1. I have been reading about Pocahontas. (Pocahontas by Ingri and Edgar d’Aulaire).   She dives for her bath.
  2. I read about the missing cupcakes in Part 2 of “The Mystery”  (in my reader, Climbing Higher).
  3. I have been doing subtraction in my math.  (We are almost finished with Math U See Alpha).
  4. We are learning to spell –er words like other.
James (Age 4.5)
  1. I learned to read out of my “jam book”.  (We are using the All About Reading Level 1 readers for extra phonics practice.  The very first story we read in book one was about jam, and the book has been dubbed “The Jam Book” ever since!!)
  2. I learned to read words that have 4 letters in them.
  3. I played the math game that is like Skipbo with Mama.
  4. We read a story called “The Peaches” (from Kindergarten Gems)
Elizabeth (Age Almost 3)
Currently unavailable for comment, as she has worn herself out and is taking a nap as I type. =)  She loves doing cut-and-paste type things, however.  She begs for this regularly.  She also thinks that she was a princess in a movie.   Not sure where she got that idea from – we’ve never been that into the whole princess fad thing in our house!
Mama (because you should never stop learning no matter how old you are…)
  1. It is OK that I am not a crafty mama.  Why do I say this?  Because if I don’t direct the crafts the kids will make them up for themselves.  Case in point: Michelle drew her own ant to cut out and paste together.   She even examined the drawing in a book about insects to make she that her ant was anatomically correct!!
  2. You can make amazingly delicious ice cream without a fancy ice cream maker machine with nothing more than a can of sweetened condensed milk, 2 cups of cream (which you then whip to double or so the volume), some vanilla, and some cocoa powder.   The only equipment you need is something to whip the cream with.  A-MAZ-ING.  (Thankfully, a liter of cream here costs about $7 and I had to use half of it in this recipe…so that will help me keep it as a special treat instead of eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack!)
  3. The  English language has a fascinating history – just finished reading King Alfred’s English which was a highly readable narrative history of the English language.  (Y’all already knew I was a nerd, right?! If not, you can add it to your list of things you learned this week! ;-))
  4. God is good and faithful to provide encouragement when we need it: Last week I was feeling lonely and out of place and discouraged since finding out some friends of ours who we thought were coming to serve here with us now aren’t.  Since then He brought an impromptu visit from a sweet Cameroonian friend, an encouraging conversation with a veteran missionary lady, and an evening out with a couple of other homeschooling mamas.  Isn’t He good? 

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