Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daybook: The 2 Months and Counting Edition

Outside my window:: Sunny but cool.  I'm trying to enjoy the cool, since we are down to only 2 more months here in France before we head to the tropics. 2 months from today that is.  I'm told that January is the hottest part of the year where we are going.  Yes, enjoying the autumn and winter while I can.
We even had an eensy bit of snow a couple weeks ago!

Listening to:: The construction noises from the shop down at the bottom of our apartment building that is being renovated.  Yes, we are 4 flights up from it.  Makes me glad we aren't any closer!

Giving Thanks:: For rest time.  For being about 8 class sessions (over the next 4 weeks) away from being DONE with French school!  For tartelettes aux framboises and pain au chocolat from the bakery across the street.  For a super-helpful husband.  For getting a front row seat to things like your son learning how to read.  For a God who is still on His throne, no matter what.

Pondering:: Whether or not I like this new haircut or not.  After a string of bad hair days over the past week, I semi-impulsively gave in to that niggling temptation to chop it all off.  (Sorry no pics yet since I can't find the camera, but I snagged the photo I took to the salon with me from here - scroll down to the bottom.)   I've never had hair this short, save one really bad haircut when I was about 5 (that one was much, much worse however).  Takes some getting used to!  I will say I don't dislike it, even if the ultimate verdict is still out. It has been kind of fun watching people's reactions, however.  They've ranged from my 2 year old telling me that I "look like a grandma" to my French prof (who's the same age I am, so more of a peer than a teacher) who said that it made me look "jeune et dynamique" (young and dynamic) to my husband who said he liked it because it looks different (I think he was trying to be diplomatic) to a 40-something Japanese classmate who said that he loved it and thought I must have a really good hairdresser! 

Sorry if you were hoping for a deeper reflection than that.  That's all I've got for you today.  I am also mulling over this blog, lest you think I've gone completely shallow on you. =)

Living the Educational Life:: Click here to get the latest updates about what the kids have been up to, educationally speaking.  Yesterday was one proud homeschooling mama-day, however, as James read his very first sentence and Michelle passed her last addition facts test (meaning she's got all of them from 0+0 to 9+9 down.)  I am only going to French school 2 days per week now, and will finish at the end of this month.  So ready to just be a Mama again. 

What I Will Miss About France:: Living in a 4th floor apartment right in the middle of the downtown, pedestrian-access only area of a French town rich in history, with numerous bakeries, cafes, and a fantastic farmer's market literally 2 steps outside our door.

What I Won't Miss About France:: Living in a 4th floor apartment with 3 children aged 7 and under. (Think: No backyard.)

I also have to candidly admit that I won't miss all the cheese, although I'm certainly the only person in the family to feel this way!
Praying:: That we will be successful in applying for our Cameroonian visas by mail.  That I will be able to be fully present and responsive to the needs of my children during the major transitions that lie ahead.  That I would come to understand the grace given to me by my Savior more deeply everyday, and be able to extend it to my family and others around me.

Planning the Week Ahead:: Home and homeschooling...following up on visa and packing related stuff...French class Friday...potluck Saturday with our group of missionary colleagues.  Maybe staying on this blogging bandwagon I seem to have jumped back on? =)

Capturing a Moment:: About a year ago, we were preparing to come to France and bought the kids a CD called "Songs in French for Children".  They immediately fell in love with the song "Sur Le Pont d'Avignon" and so have sung it constantly for the last year.  Last weekend, we actually went to Avignon and got to see it!  How cool is that?

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