Sunday, April 8, 2012

Daybook: The "He is Risen Indeed" Edition

Outside my window... Sadly, the sunshine has disappeared.  It's been kind of a cold, gray, damp weekend.
::Listening to... Quiet.

::Giving thanks for... Increasing opportunties to have French conversations - we visited a different church this morning where the people were quite friendly and I was able to successfully converse with several of them...a friend is also organizing a conversation group which I think will begin this week.  Three day weekends.  Getting to go to a coffee shop all by myself for a little while yesterday.   Strawberries coming into season.   Outings at the park with friends.
::Pondering... Can you see that cross way, way up there on the hill?

I don't know what the story behind it is, but I get a good view of this hill on the route that I walk to and from school.  It is a good reminder that He brought us here and is with us here, even on those discouraging days that I think I will never be able to speak French and wonder just what we got ourselves into.

::Living the Educational Life... You can see our month in review here.  My school is looking up these days too - our class schedule worked out really well this month, and there are finally some other opportunities (conversation group, Bible studies, etc) opening up as well.  And I'm attempting to read Little House on the Prairie in French.  We'll see how that goes. =)

::Preparing in the Kitchen... Made Easter Eggs with the kiddos.  And tried a new recipe for a yogurt and fruit pie which is actually really good for a relatively "healthy" dessert. =)

::Following These Links... This was hands-down the best thing that I've read in a long time.  Extremely timely.

::Turning Pages... In between books right now...

::Finding Rhythm... Took time last weekend to evaluate our schedule and finding things to be generally going much more smoothly this week. Whew...perhaps there's hope...

::Kiddos this week... So, Michelle lost her first tooth this week.  On the same day she made her first attempt at a chapter book (Farmer Boy) and wrote a letter to grandma completely unaided.  My little girl is getting big too fast!

::Praying... For wisdom in evaluating my priorities and using my time well, and senstivity to the Lord's guidance as I go through each day. And that we will be able to make some French friends, so we will have more opportunities to practice speaking French outside of our class times.

::Planning the week ahead... Tomorrow's a public holiday here, so we'll take the day off - we may go to the park with friends if the weather is OK.  And then back to the school-and-home-and-homeschool routine. =)

::Capturing a moment... Park day with friends, enjoying spring in France....

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