Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Mommy Brain + Language Learning Brain is a Bad Combo Edition

Outside my window... Sunshine.  Maybe just maybe spring has come?

::Listening to... Silence.  For a moment anyhow...

::Giving thanks for... A husband who is doing all of the house-cleaning chores so that I don't have to try to do it all while attending langauge school.  And kids who come jump into bed with me for snuggles in the morning. (Notice I said in the opposed to in the middle of the night.) And coffee.  And chocolate.

::Pondering... So, I admit it, I have no ponderings for you this week.  Life has been so full that the deepest thought I've had has been what math curriculum to use for Michelle.  And really, you don't want to know about that.  And then I read this article.  Ouch.  Hit the nail on the head.  I've been giving in to the temptation to sleep later and not start my day with the Lord.  No wonder I've been struggling: my soul needs that time to refresh.  Now, in this very busy, very demanding, very different season of life we are now in.  If you are reading this, pop me a note and hold me accountable to getting up just a wee bit earlier this week, would you?

::Living the Educational Life... Our first week back after our week off has been good.  I do enjoy spending 'school time' together with Michelle.  Thinking about possibly switching math curriculums...but not sure yet.  We shall see.   My language school is going well also - I was promoted into group 4 (out of 5) this month.  YIKES!  It is a little intimidating, and definetely a challenge, but in a good way.  I'm definetely learning things I didn't know before.  

::Preparing in the Kitchen... Spent a good time with friends yesterday learning useful skills for living in Africa - including canning soup, first aid, haircutting, and I taught a tutorial on no-knead bread.   Fun stuff.
No knead bread tutorial in my kitchen.
::Following These Links... The book lover in me has been enjoying exploring Redeemed Reader.  And I was also pleased to stumble across a CM homeschooling blog in French!  Yes!  Homework (reading in French) and fun all wrapped up in one tidy package!

::Turning Pages... Wow, I have had almost NO reading time this week. I did pick up a French cooking magazine because one of the cover articles was about the secrets of American goodies such as brownies and cupcakes.   I'm rather curious what the French have to say about that....but I haven't had time to read it yet.  Stay tuned...

::Finding Rhythm... The first week of this new schedule has been...well...different.  I had kind of hoped that only having class 3 times a week this month would mean I had more time, but it sure didn't feel like it.  Maybe this coming week?  Or maybe I just need to accept the fact that spare time is just gonna be a rare commodity this year.
::Kiddos this week... Michelle left this note to herself by the sink this week:
Translation: Wash dishes in the sink with a good attitude.
Something MUST be getting through!

::Praying... For wisdom in evaluating my priorities and using my time well, and senstivity to the Lord's guidance as I go through each day. And that we will be able to make some French friends, so we will have more opportunities to practice speaking French outside of our class times.

::Planning the week ahead... My school...Michelle's school...studying...feeding and clothing my family...and somewhere in there planning a little party for Miss Elizabeth who will be 2 next week.  Two!  How did THAT happen?

::Capturing a few moments...
What studying looks like at our house...

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